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About Us

Our Story

Inspired by decades of experience helping medium sized businesses, non-profits, governments, and other organizations save money, we were perplexed to find the consumer shopper empowered with better technology than organizations spending significantly more.  kwibble was the answer, a technology with a service entirely focused on BETTER, CHEAPER, and FUNNER buying!

Our Vision

The people at kwibble are our lifeblood.  We're here to help our community of business buyers save money & time, and enjoy the process.  The merging of the best service and best technology fuels our desire to connect with and help advance every medium sized business organization in the USA.  Know that your bottom line is taken care of with kwibble.

Save Time & Money

You're a business spending over $1M per year on various supplies.  You're not a Fortune 50 company that can afford a 20 person procurement department, but you can't afford to buy the same way smaller companies and consumers buy.  We become your procurement department, we provide one platform, one invoice, and peace of mind.

Our Technology

The technology and service you'll find with kwibble far surpasses the extremely expensive technologies offered to Fortune 500 companies.  We understand buying at the deepest level, and made technology for people, not for "procurement".  We don't simply provide technology, we provide access to aggressive pricing for every product category, and advice at every stage of your purchasing process.

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